The "Too Long Didn't Read" version of my issues page.   Use this to quickly get a sense of what my platform looks like but do go back to the full page when time allows to understand my positions in more depth.

My Vision: 

Though Quincy is going through a revitalization, we forgot to include innovation.  Luxury apartments and destination restaurants are good, but we can do more. I want Quincy to have the cultural, intellectual, and functional amenities that even the smaller towns around Boston have. My ideas are far beyond lifestyle and culture; each one of these ideas will have a positive effect on our local economy by keeping local dollars in Quincy and attracting outside consumers.  This will lead to the need for services and products and that will lead to jobs.  If we add local jobs an local spending we can increase government revenue with out raising or adding new taxes.

Civic Enrichment

I want to foster private development of maker spaces, theaters, artistic, scientific, and educational business concerns that will provide the citizens of Quincy a rich and entrepreneurial culture with opportunities for growth.  

Quincy has proven to be a fertile atmosphere for small business and I want to use that as incentive to facilitate the development of a various business models beyond housing and restaurants.  


Quincy spends a lot on snow removal and nobody seems pleased with the results.  It's time to reevaluate the snow plan and get the most out of the cost.

Quincy has no broadband competition.  As more people come to rely on the internet we as consumers are in terrible shape when it comes time to negotiate with Comcast.  The time has come to find a way to bring a viable alternative like Fiber to Quincy.

The MBTA has discovered there are riders below JFK.  They are planning on refurbishing all four Quincy stations at one time and the City Council has got to be prepared to push back when necessary to make sure Quincy's residents are not being unduly punished for the MBTA's lack of planning.


School Support: I am very proud that my children will attend Quincy Public Schools and I will have an open-door policy to any educator or school staff member who'd like to discuss ways we can support them to continue their great work.

Sanctuary City  Quincy should declare itself a 'sanctuary city'.  With a rich tradition of hard-working immigrants, I think we should be on the right side of history here.   We want people to feel safe communicating and interacting with the police, whether as a victim, a witness, or a concerned citizen. This makes it a public safety issue for us all. 

Police Department citizen advisory board: I want our police force to stay safe and feel supported by the city, and our citizens deserve our officers to be at their best.   I am suggesting a civilian advisory board formed as an ombudsman style committee.  This committee would be available to citizens and officers alike to discuss concerns.

Health and Environment

Quincy Medical Center: Quincy became the largest city in MA without a hospital when Quincy Medical Center was unceremoniously shut down.  The satellite ER Steward left behind can not handle trauma, high-risk labor, or other serious conditions.   If elected, I would call for a feasibility study to upgrade the satellite ER to be able to handle more serious emergencies, and move to make it a permanent service to the community.   

Environment/Sustainability: I will oppose the compressor station in Weymouth.  I am calling for the banning of single-use plastic bags, expansion and improvement of the rain barrel promotions, and free lead-test kits for homeowners and landlords. 

Waste-not:  I will call for legislation that will end the practice of large retailers throwing away large amounts of unused merchandise that could be donated to charity.