This is a prototype design of my yard signs

This is a prototype design of my yard signs


Signs, Signs, everywhere a sign!

It's almost that time of the campaign.    Sigh.

Yard Signs.

Have I mentioned that I HATE yard signs? If it were up to me, all the campaigns would agree to stop with the signs.  But since that is not about to happen,  I'm hoping to make it more fun.  

I'm asking you to "adopt" a yard sign.  With your $10 donation, you will fund one yard sign and get naming rights.  You'll be able to name the sign whatever you like.  You can use your family name, your nickname, or get creative or goofy.  Some ideas off the top of my head are:  "Brady Rules", "Go Sox"...or..."Tim?"

As long as the name is clean and friendly, it's your choice! *  After you donate, send your name to

Adopt your sign here!

Next, I would love to hear from you if you are willing to put a sign in your yard.  And if you know someone who lives on a main thoroughfare and would be interested in supporting the most innovative campaign in Quincy, ask them if they would display a sign too!

We are getting into the stretch run and I want you all to be a part of this! 



* Ok, I may have to make the final call if a name is inappropriate.