Thank you all.  I will stay involved and hope you all stay in touch.


In part two of my QATV series, I provide some biographical information and a call for fresh perspectives at City Hall.  Please see part one for details on my issue priorities. 

Quincy Climate Action Network had a candidates' night on 10/19.  I drew stark contrasts between me and my opponent on what needs to be done locally to fight global warming.  Relevant Joe Murphy portions of the candidates' night from Oct 19, 2017.

Talking Points: 

I'm Joe Murphy, Quincy's new Candidate for Ward One, City Council

My campaign will highlight themes of civic enrichment, environmental improvements, health and safety, and cultivating a richer life in Ward One and the city in general.  As Quincy continues in its historic revitalization, we must keep a view towards innovation.  Review my ideas on the issues page, learn about me and see why I'm the right choice. Please introduce yourself to me using the form below or reach out to me via Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and tell me what you think.  Let's talk about making Quincy a great place to come home to and a great place to live.


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