The "Vote for Joe Murphy" End of the Campaign Special

End of the Campaign Special 

Photo Credit Quincy Taxpayers Association

Photo Credit Quincy Taxpayers Association

Dear Ward One, 
It has been a pleasure getting to know you better these past months while running for our council seat.  From the beginning, I decided that I was going to run an issues-based campaign. It would never be about personal attacks, dirty politics, or raising myself up by tearing anyone else down. I was going to win or lose based on whether I could convince enough people that I could work hard for them, provide innovative solutions to problems, and introduce a fresh independence to Quincy's stale political climate. 

I am proud to have run the most detailed issues-oriented campaign in Quincy this year, providing the most comprehensive website, touching on far more issues and ideas than my opponent or any other city council candidate.  My issues state problems, suggest solutions, and have linked sources.  I have answered every question asked of me directly, having not learned the political art of dodging issues.  While I face a very worthy opponent who brings a lot of knowledge and experience, I believe that my fresh energy and innovative approach to solving our problems makes me the better candidate.

It is my hope that, in these final hours before voting, you will take some time to give me a shot and review my pitch to you, the voters.   If you are already a supporter of mine, please use this special blog post to tell your friends and family why you are voting for me.  Maybe select certain sections and paste into an email or social media post or share a link to a video that especially meant something to you.   Win or lose, there are ideas in my campaign platform that are good for ward one and good for Quincy.

It is crunch-time, we are out of tomorrows.  

The following sums up the campaign.  Enjoy the material and thank you again.

Part 1 -   Fast Facts
Part 2 -  Videos
Part 3 -  Info on me and some of my priorities
Part 4 -  Press

1. fast facts

Day job: Assistant Director for Administration, MIT Center for Bits and Atoms

Lives in Houghs Neck with his wife, Cheryl (Drama Teacher in Boston), and their two daughters, Maddy (7) and Ellie (3).

Graduated from Berklee College of Music, worked in Music Industry in Los Angeles for 10 years: Movies, Albums, Variety Shows, TV (American Idol), and a Business Rep for the Los Angeles Musicians Union, Local 47.

Started at MIT as an administrative assistant in 2007.  Took over management of a department in 2012 that was 250k in debt.  Re-prioritized budget and, with the talented director and researchers, helped bring the department to over 3 Million in available research funding.

Hobbies: Piano, Football, attending Zoning Board of Appeals meetings


2. Some videos from my campaign.

Please check out my TWO QATV videos.  Volume One outlines my ideas and priorities for Ward One and Quincy.  Volume Two has some biographical info and some thoughts on the need for fresh perspectives and independence in our local government.

Joe Murphy for Ward One, Volume One

Joe Murphy for Ward One, Volume Two, THE RETURN

Below find some excerpts from one of our debates and an interview with QATV.

Relevant Joe Murphy portions of the Quincy Climate Action Network candidates' night from Oct 19, 2017.

QATV interview as polls closed on preliminary election, 2017.

Info on me and some of my priorities